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What if the answer was...i don't know (Mine was)! 

i started asking myself what would i do if i could do anything... 

Before I started Permission to Grow, this is the question I often found myself wondering about and I eventually came to the conclusion that I would share stories.  I would share stories of women in career transition, where would we tackle topics of fear and failure, where we could learn about new careers, where we could write down tips and tools to help us get out of our next career rut, to help us continue on a path of growth and awesomeness.  I launched this podcast to create a space for conversations that I needed (and still need) to hear.  Conversations where we could learn from the women who have navigated career transitions, where we could break down our perception of success, where we could explore and focus on our individual strengths, to determine what we are looking for in a professional role and then learn how to take action.

Our stories are our power and I am making it my mission to explore as many career stories as possible with women all over the world.  My hope is that one career story, will spark excitement and action, in one woman, giving her the strength and information she needs to pursue work that fills her up.  

If we are a part of even one woman’s story, in that the stories we share here help her transition into a career where she feels supported, challenged, and growing, that is everything, that is my joy.

My question to all of you, is what would happen if even half the women in this world were in a career field that played to their unique strengths, where they were supported in their vision, and where they were connected to tools and resources for ongoing growth, just imagine what we could accomplish! 


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podcast episodes

Have you ever felt stuck in your job?  Have you questioned whether you were on the 'right' path?  Do you feel like it is too late to find work that truly excites you and plays to your strengths?  Are you interested in learning what jobs are even out there?  If so, you have come to the right place. 

Tune in to our weekly episodes to hear women from around the world talk about how they navigated career transitions, how they got closer to work that they felt fulfilled by, and how they gave themselves permission to grow.


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this is a podcast where we explore women's career stories & transitions, we talk about how we can eliminate this idea of who we "should be" & instead give ourselves Permission to Grow!