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Permission to Grow came out of a problem and a desire to learn.

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The problem was I grew up a people pleaser and I moved through my early professional years on autopilot.  I transitioned from job to job hoping that the next transition would be the 'right' one.  Yet I awoke, thirty years old, with no idea of who I really was or what truly brought me joy.  I was driven professionally by what others told me I was good at or what people told me I 'should' be doing, I was pushed by the goal of success, but I had no genuine definition of what success looked like to me.  

Through my professional experiences I became aware of tasks I enjoyed and discovered other things I did not want to do, I found out what work cultures I thrived in, and I found areas I excelled at, but I still had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up.  So naturally, I started reading countless self-discovery books, I attended conferences, participated in webcasts about finding your passion, and I read article after article hoping that I would read one career profile that would sound like the perfect fit. 

As you can likely guess, this was not a successful or time effective plan.  This did not bring me any closer to my 'dream job.' Instead of feeling hopeful by all the possible opportunities I felt paralyzed by the vast unknown.  There were days where I felt like I could run a billion dollar company and other days where I questioned my ability to properly make toast.  

This journey to figure out what makes you tick is not easy, it is an ongoing road trip to figure it out, and if you are anything like me, let me prepare you, there will be a lot of detours!  What I can tell you, is that I still do not have everything figured out (not even close) but what I do have figured out is that I am driven by my desire to learn, to grow, and to empower women to be the best version of themselves.  I want to explore careers that are new, I want to talk to women who have managed to overcome bumps and create careers that excite them, and I want other women to be able to learn about new opportunities to hopefully guide them in their own career exploration.  

What I have discovered through all of this, is that for me, the secret to finding a career I enjoy will no longer be about finding the perfect job, with the perfect boss, with the enviable salary and responsibilities. Instead, it will be about finding a role that utilizes my strengths, in an environment that supports individual development, and around humans that create an excitement for the work that is done.

My goal is that the stories shared through Permission to Grow help you along your professional path, that they work to remind us that nothing happens by waiting around for that perfect role, and I want these women's journeys to fill you with comfort in knowing that we are all in a state of trying to figure it out.

Join me in getting rid of the 'shoulds' in your life and giving yourself the permission to grow.