Ep. 33: Michelle, Health & Wellness Coach, & Author

Meet Michelle, Health & Wellness Coach, & Author

Michelle Cady of FitVista, is a former finance executive turned wellness author and highly sought after Health and Wellness Coach. Her book "Self-Care in the City" brings to life the core principles of her private coaching practice, where she teaches high achieving women around the world to reach even greater levels of success through the incorporation of wellness practices into their daily lives.

Ep. 31: Erin, Clinical Learning Specialist

Meet Erin, Learning Specialist

Erin was born and raised in South Dakota.  She moved to Colorado in August of 2010. She is an experienced learning specialist, who was recognized in 2013 for Exemplary Performance, and 2015 for Teamwork while working in Jefferson County School District. In 2017, she was nominated for Certified Educator of the Year in Adams 12 Five Star School District.  Erin earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University in 2010. She received a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction: Reading and Writing from the University of Colorado Denver in 2016.

Ep. 26: Jennifer, Founder & CEO of The Constellations

Meet Jennifer, Founder & CEO of The Constellations

Jennifer Lambertson is the founder and CEO of The Constellations, a female-first procurement service.  She's passionate about bringing diversity to future-thinking companies while simultaneously doing her part to close the wage gap.  The Constellations has a diverse client roster, from small startups to holding companies, and only makes one request: that her clients understand the positive impact a diverse workforce can have on business, culture, and profit.

Ep. 25: Ariana, Program Specialist, Public Health

Meet Ariana, Program Specialist, Public Health

Ariana Tyler grew up in a small town and moved to an only slightly larger one to go to nursing school straight out of high school. After floundering a little when she realized that nursing wasn’t for her, she decided to change her major to Public Health, a decision that was not only life-changing but was also a leap of faith that the world proves to her every day was the right choice.