Ep. 23: Ali, Assistant Trust Officer

Ali Lennon is an Assistant Trust Officer for a trust company in the Midwest and according to her, a work in progress.  

In 2012 she received her Master’s in Social Work and was on a crusade to save the world through programs and development.  Fast forward to 2017 - frustrated by her employers lack of vision and feeling empowered through new maternal hormones she made a huge leap into a new career field. She recently joined the world of finance, specifically trust administration. Every day has a new lesson at home and in the work place.

In addition to being an Assistant Trust Officer; she also serves on a board of the Helpline Center. Ali is a mom of a seven month old girl, Vianney and a four year old goldendoodle, Clarence.  In her spare time she can be seen strolling with her family through a nearby park, taking in a Barre3 class or negating said Barre3 class with baking treats.

What We Cover:

  • We open the episode with Ali describing how the strong women around her growing up helped shape who she wanted to be as a grown up.
  • Ali reminds us that the right people come into our lives at the right times.
  • She talks about how she had female leaders who helped show her the ropes as an early professional.
  • In her first job she learned that other ‘duties as assigned’ in a non-profit involves wearing a lot of different hats, including coding, fundraising, and the creation of new programs to help youth in the community.
  • We talk about how the importance of learning what you do not like is just as valuable as finding what you do enjoy.
  • How Ali made it a priority to get to know people and build relationships with the humans around her.
  • Ali shared how once she stopped learning at her role in higher education she knew it was time to make a transition.
  • We break down how Ali conducted her job search and eventual transition from higher education to finance.  We tap into exploring company environments, embracing the support of her network, and the importance of negotiating a new job offer.
  • We talk through the importance of a supportive, engaged, and honest work culture.
  • Final words of wisdom from Ali: believe in yourself, trust yourself, and care for yourself.  You are capable of so much more than you know, know that it’s okay to take a chance and make a change.

Connect with Ali...

Facebook: www.facebook.com/alissa.loen

Instagram: alissalennon

Twitter: @alissaloen


Kelsie Brunick