Ep. 25: Ariana, Program Specialist, Public Health

Ariana Tyler grew up in a small town and moved to an only slightly larger one to go to nursing school straight out of high school. After floundering a little when she realized that nursing wasn’t for her, she decided to change her major to Public Health, a decision that was not only life-changing, but was also a leap of faith that the world proves to her everyday was the right choice.

Ariana currently works at North Country HealthCare, a federally qualified health center that serves low income folks in Flagstaff, AZ. She manages a program called Health Partners, which is her heart and soul (and which she will talk your ear off about if you let her). One of her favorite aspects of the program is teaching undergraduate health professions students about the social determinants of health, and helping them to provide referrals to North Country patients. She works with other programs as well, and does lots of odd jobs around her division of North Country (NAHEC- the Northern Arizona Area Health Education Center).

Her personal hobbies include martial arts, writing poetry, and being snobbish about coffee.

What We Cover:

  • We first dive into Ariana’s early years where she was a natural caretaker and learning about different ways she could care for individuals and animals.
  • We talked about the pressure that comes along with picking a college major and Ariana reminded me, it’s a lot of pressure to plan your life as a new college student, to anticipate what your life is going to look like in ten years - agreed!
  • Ariana talks about how a conversation with a peer in her nursing class opened her eyes to the world of public health that she never knew existed.
  • We get an amazing introduction into public health and the overarching question it seeks to address is the why? 
  • For every $1 spent on preventative care we (the people) save $7.
  • Ariana talks about the program she manages in her role as a program specialist, and the program focuses on supporting patients get the services and supports that the individual needs to get better.
  • Through the program, the staff and health partners are trying to remove any barriers that may be preventing a client from getting necessary services.
  • We explore how her boss has created a open and communicative workplace unlike any other - where the employees feel fulfilled and productive, where trust exists throughout the team, where her and her co-workers share in the mission, vision, and values of the organizations. 
  • We ended our conversation with tips on how, during a job search process, we can learn about the work environment and company culture before making the transition into a new role.
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