Ep. 28: Ashley, Organ Recovery Specialist

Thanks to a family who believed I could be whatever I wanted to be, I have always been encouraged to simply discover. Following a stint at the University of Nebraska, I moved to Seattle to complete a certificate of scientific illustration and a bachelor of science at the University of Washington. 

Through chance encounters with incredibly inspirational women, I have had the opportunity to work as histology technician at a well-renowned research laboratory in Seattle, a field assistant for forest falcon research and a volunteer coordinator for an environmental education non-profit in the Amazon of Peru. Sparked from a love for people and an interest in food equity I moved to Colorado to pursue a Master in Public Health from University of Colorado, focusing on food access for low-income families dependent on SNAP. Extensive work with increased-risk families steered me toward position as a Program Director for a statewide non-profit focused on early childhood education and abuse and neglect prevention. Finally, with an itch to return to the clinical world I landed as an Organ Recover Specialist for Donor Alliance. 

While my path has not been linear, it has taken me on numerous adventures and has led me to an amazingly rewarding and challenging career!


What We Cover:

  • We talk about Ashley’s early experiences of exploring things she enjoyed and how teachers, family, and mentors helped guide her along when she first started her career path.
  • Ashely shares with us this important reminder, as you are gathering information on your next step, if you show an interest in what other people do they are willing to share that with you, and it provides such an amazing opportunity for us to learn from them.
  • When I asked Ashley how she could say ‘yes’ to all the adventures, sometimes across the world, she responded, ‘how could I say no,” and she could not be more right.  She said had she said no to early opportunities she would not be where she is today.
  • One of my favorite tips she brought up is the importance of trusting in the process and in people.
  • She reminded me that when we let go of our need to control we open the door to truly learn from the people around us.
  • When we touched on the idea of a non-linear career path we talked about how we can talk about that with potential employers and she said, “be proud of what you have done even if it doesn’t fit the mold of what you ‘should’ have done…until you can tell your own story how will anyone know who you are?:
  • Final reminder of goodness - no one goes into every role knowing exactly what they are doing.  Keep in mind, an expert at one point, knew nothing.
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Kelsie Brunick