Ep. 12: Baily, A Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur: consultant, speaker, workshop leader, and founder

Baily Hancock is a Multi-Passionate entrepreneur who answers to the call of any of the following: 

Collaboration Consultantthe Career Experiment FounderSpeaker/WorkshopLeader, and most recently, Co-Founder of inex women.  Baily spent her youth being over-involved in extracurriculars and dreaming of being everything from a TV show host to a children’s book author to an astronaut. Although she's mostly accepted the fact that being an astronaut is probably out of the picture (never say never), she has certainly treated her career like the “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories she devoured as a child.

Throughout her career, Baily has found a way to intertwine her passions, interests, and strengths, leveraging them to receive (and create) roles that allowed her to expand her skillset while exploring her ever-changing curiosities. When she's not busy doing all of the above, Baily enjoys actual walks in the park, listening to too many podcasts, and sitting on her porch with her two fat cats, Buster and Fiona, and her normal sized husband, Charlie. 

What We Cover...

  • Started her career as an event planner but couldn’t ignore her curiosities for something more and reminded herself that it was okay to change her mind
  • Explains how she followed her gut, moving from Florida to Los Angeles, and how she got her groove back
  • She reminds us it’s okay to make small professional shifts without dismantling all the work you’ve already done
  • We can have a fresh start whenever we want and we can decide who we want to be
  • Align your strengths to a role, align those strengths to a position, align your passion and interests to an industry that excites you (what are you curious about), align your core motivators to the company culture and go.
  • Figure out your next move not your whole career
Kelsie Brunick