Ep. 30: Bri, Nutrition Educator, Wellness Coach, & Yoga Instructor

Bri is a nutrition educator, wellness coach and yoga instructor for women surrounding pregnancy - pre-conception, prenatal and postpartum. She's also a mama of 3 little ones and one big dog, married to a handsome engineer and Marine Captain living by the beaches in Los Angeles.

Bri is super passionate about helping women break through their fears about pregnancy because of all the anxiety and loss she has suffered.

This path wasn't planned on at all - it just sort of fell together by following passions and trusting the journey would lead somewhere fantastic. Bri is afraid of birds and her favorite food is popcorn.

What We Cover:

  • Right away Bri talks us through her younger years and through college, how she’d trained and hoped to be a professional ballet dancer.
  • We get to learn about a moment when she realized what she’d been training for her whole life, was no longer the path she wanted to take.
  • We dive into her blog that she started back in 2012.  Initially it was created to provide a space to share pictures of her family with friends and family, but it turned into a space where other women came for her honesty and approach to motherhood.
  • Bri had this moment where she had been thinking about grad school and tried to push it out of her head but soon realized nutrition education was her MUST as she felt called to do that work.
  • Root Well, which is a community Bri is building, started as a space to share information but has morphed into one-on-one programs, group coaching, and a community of women sharing information around pregnancy.
  • The conversations through Root Well also address working on our mindset and getting back to eating intuitively.
  • In talking about ‘why’ she created Root Well, Bri talks about the importance of having a space for mothers where it’s okay to speak about loss and the challenges of motherhood, it releases the stigma, it gives us the ability to push through the fear, and is therapeutic.

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