Ep. 21: Charlie, Marketing Director

Charlie Deese is a full-time Marketing Director for a social-first digital agency in San Antonio, TX while finishing her apprenticeship with Digital Creative Institute. Charlie has spent her career exploring healthcare, education, nonprofit work, and academic research before discovering her love of marketing. From cocaine research to elementary student instruction in pre-algebra, she has a distinct perspective on the journey to finding your perfect job. Having dropped out of graduate school twice along the way, she has learned to embrace the possibility of failure to propel her career forward instead of holding her back. She strongly believes in the power of interdisciplinary education, the value of apprenticeship, and a nonlinear approach to building your dream career.

What We Cover:

  • We talk about how she listened to the should’s for too long and the importance of how we can start listening to our voice.
  • The necessity of recognizing when we are getting bad advice that is coming from that individuals fears or projections.
  • How she built up the courage to walk away from graduate programs when they no longer felt aligned with what she wanted to do. 
  • Charlie shared how she had a "growing" year where she continued to explore a variety of different subjects and career arenas.
  • I love that Charlie lets us know that every time she’s trusted herself and listened to her gut things have gotten way better.
  • Charlie wanted to remind us all that there is not just one job out there for you, there’s a constellation of careers you can pursue!
  • We talk through how she was able to let go of the superficial job/education titles and allowed herself to move forward doing work that excited her in marketing.
  • Failure is not permanent.
  • We have to draw out the meaningful points of our resume and learn to tell employers our story - we are the authors and can set the tone for our own story.
  • Whatever you want to do, or whatever you’re interested in, start doing that!

Learn more about Charlie's work and life:

Personal site: www.charliedeese.com

Article for The Muse

Company site: www.spsdgtl.com

School site: digitalcreativeinstitute.com

Kelsie Brunick