Ep. 34: Emily, Founder & CEO of Six Degrees Society

Emily, also lovingly referred to as "20 questions" has always loved figuring out people's stories. Born in Florida she moved to Connecticut at the ripe age of 12. In middle school she became famous for being Frida Khalo's doppelganger, and after being asked what Latin American country she yielded from she decided to study Spanish and Communications (girl needed to communicate!) at a small Liberal Arts school in Ohio.

Upon graduating from Denison University, she moved to Buenos Aires to master her Spanish and worked in various industries (ask her about Malbec). Following her return to New York City, she landed in the Fashion world specializing in Events & Marketing working at Ralph Lauren, Club Monaco, Tory Burch and INTERMIX. In 2014 she founded a women’s focused networking organization called Six Degrees Society. In 2016 she turned her side hustle into a full-time hustle and has expanded the reach to 10 chapters across the country. 

In her free time, you can find her exploring new restaurants, drinking bold bottles of wine, taking early morning workout classes, planning her next trip or playing the name game. After 7 years in NYC she recently made the move to SF and is eager to get to know her new city. Follow her adventures at @emerrell09.

What We Cover: 

  • After graduation Emily was faced with the reality that she was not sure what she wanted to do next after school and she made the decision to travel to Argentina, to learn and explore, and to create a network from scratch.
  • If you are interested in something, if you want to learn something, ask the people who are doing it if you can learn from them.
  • Emily shares how a new connection, to a fellow American woman in Argentina, led to her first corporate job in fashion with Ralph Lauren when she returned home to the states.
  • We dive into the creation of Six Degrees Society and how it started out as a hobby, with Emily having just a genuine love of connecting individuals and wanting to create a more natural networking experiences without the transactional feel.
  • Emily talks about the moment when she realized it was time to take her journey to entrepreneurship full-time.  
  • She describes that when she was balancing both Six Degrees Society and her full time job she realized she felt like a super hero in the evening while working on Six Degrees Society but felt like she was floundering in her day to day job.
  • Once her business launched Emily talks about the importance of bringing along people who could teach her as she grew her business, whether it was through building a website, completing her quickbooks, she says that she is learning something new every day.
  • We talk about how the networking community she has created is one that not only allows you to connect to others in your professional community but it’s also a place we can start and develop great new friendships.



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