Ep. 41: Starting a new career with no 'experience?' How Erin learned the language of the profession before making a career transition


Erin taught as an early childhood special education teacher, providing intervention services to preschool students in Jefferson County School District. However, the majority of Erin’s special education experience included her time teaching elementary students with mild to moderate disabilities in Title 1 schools, within Jefferson County Public Schools and Adams 12 Five Star School district.  

In the summer of 2017, she began the Literacy Intervention Specialist Certification Program through Colorado Literacy & Learning Center. It is her passion to provide quality pediatric patient care and ensure individuals have the tools and resources they need to be successful in their next stages of their education. She also enjoys playing outside, hiking, reading and spending time with her family and red lab.

What We Cover:

  • When she was ready to make a career she quickly realized that her knowledge from years of teaching experience would not easily translate into the hospital setting without her learning how people in the hospital talked
  • Erin started to quickly reach out to people around her, through tapping into her own network, cold outreach, and let people know what her goals were, and began to grow a network in the field.
  • She took opportunities to shadow, to have informational interviews, she reviewed job descriptions in the field, and conducted extensive research to get a true context of the arena.
  • After conducting these observations, conversations, and research, she worked to translate the language on her job application materials to reflect her existing skills but in a new light.
  • Ask people for help, we don’t know what we don’t know, and people are willing to help!

Connect with Erin:

LinkedIn: Erin Austin

Instagram:  Erin Austin

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