Ep. 22: Gratitude

As we are starting the holiday season it has given me a beautiful time and space to stop and think how much all of my amazing guests have taught and given me through their stories and I wanted to share my top four takeaways from the last four months.

  1. The world needs you to be authentically you, your whole self, your strengths, your gifts, your talents, your voice, your experiences, your vulnerabilities, that is all uniquely you and is in and of itself invaluable. Let me see more of it!

  2. Find a way to make time to figure out what’s important and vital to your happiness as a human and then work to figure out how that translates into your work.

  3. Once we know what’s important to us we can stop allowing our careers to just happen to us and we can instead jump in the driver seat.

  4. Our careers are not about the job title - (seems obvious now) but mind blown!

I look forward to learning more from you amazing women and these conversations as they continue to open doors for ideas, growth, and opportunities in the new year - thank you for supporting Permission to Grow and the incredible stories these talented and intelligent and gracious women share each week.

Kelsie Brunick