Ep. 26: Jennifer, Founder & CEO of The Constellations

Jennifer Lambertson is the founder and CEO of The Constellations, a female-first procurement
service.  She's passionate about bringing diversity to future-thinking companies while simultaneously doing her part to close the wage gap.  The Constellations has a diverse client roster, from small startups to holding companies, and only makes one request: that her clients understand the positive impact a diverse workforce can have on business, culture, and profit.

Jennifer began her career at a branding agency in New York City where she discovered her love for both creative advertising and scrappy start-ups.  After six years in New York, Jennifer made the jump to the West Coast where she worked as a Creative Resourcing Executive in the advertising industry before founding The Constellations in January 2017.

Jennifer splits her time between Los Angeles and New York, and when not working, she enjoys
spending time at her home in Beachwood Canyon.

What We Cover:

  • Right out the gate Jenni fills us with a good reminder that the future is a big place, every single person you are encountering in the present is someone you may run into in another capacity in the future.
  • We talk about how she had a way about her, that whatever her goal was, she found a way to make that happen - she calls it scrappiness.
  • Be kind to everyone.
  • We explore her career transition from LA to NY and how landing her first job in advertising in NY felt like an incredible fit.
  • Jenni shares how in that role in NY, she had the opportunity to be surrounded by strong female leadership, and what she took away from that experience.
  • One of my favorite take aways was this idea that you do not have to be an “OR” something, you can be an “AND” something (mind blown!).
  • Jenni pointed out that you can be fun AND sweet AND direct AND brilliant - you don’t need to be sweet OR hard working.
  • We chat about how we can work to change the conversation in our heads that we “should be so lucky to get a job” and how we can instead start reminding ourselves, that we “earned our position at this company.”
  • Another good nugget Jenni shared is that, you are the authority on your experience, trust your gut and move from that space.
  • Jenni closes this episode out with an awesome reminder that, you are the greatest thing you can invest in and when you invest in yourself, you will find a strategic way to make things that are important to you happen.
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Connect with Jennifer...



LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jenilambertson/

Instagram: @thehighwaylamb

Website:  theconstellations.co

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