Ep. 15: Katherine, Psychotherapist, Writer, and Speaker

Katherine Schafler she is a NYC-based psychotherapist, writer, and speaker.  

She runs a private practice in Manhattan, was formerly an on-site therapist at Google, and contributes as an emotional health expert to several popular publications including TIME, The Huffington Post, Glamour, ELLE, MSN, Bustle, Forbes, etc.  

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What We Cover:

  • Encourages people to practice listening to yourself on even a small scale and stretch that muscle each day 
  • Its not always about the job you are taking but it is the people you are working with
  • Built a private practice in New York by starting years ago, hanging flyers by hand around NYC, and doing her first client sessions on Friday evenings
  • A motto she shares is you are the expert on your life
  • Reminds us all that we do not have to reinvent the wheel, we just have to find someone whose doing what we want to be doing, learn from them, absorb what you like, do not use what does not fit, and keep growing
  • Recommends that we work hard to not compare the beginning of our journey to someone else’s middle or end
  • Biggest lesson from her clients:  There’s so much strength in being honest
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Meet Katherine

Website: https://www.katherineschafler.com/

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Instagram: @katherineschafler

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