Ep. 24: Katie, Transfer Evaluation Specialist, Instructor, & Business Owner

Katie’s professional journey began in college. Though she waited until her junior year to declare her major, her part time jobs in college would impact her career later in life, when she found herself working in higher education.

Whether she was moving across the country or navigating her career in higher ed, she always relied on her strong sense of self to decide what her next steps were. Trusting her gut has always been her best decision maker.

Her path also includes mastery of the side hustle, with finding herself teaching and running her own business. These outlets have helped her focus on the bigger picture of finding a career that makes her happy.

What We Cover:

  • Katie first shares with us how she went through high school and college really unsure what she wanted to be when she grew up.
  • We explore her life after college, when she was living in Florida, and how a gut feeling led her to leave her home and relationship in Florida, to move across the country.
  • She talks about how she grew up as a ‘fixer’ and if she realizes something is not a good fit, or if something does not feel right, she wants to work towards a solution.
  • When she found herself unhappy in her first few years in higher education, Katie said she realized she could transition to careers outside of higher education because she had observed a few of her peers do it and be successful in an entirely new space.   
  • Katie talks about how she created strong relationships along with co-workers all along the way and how she was able to later tap into her network when it was time to transition from higher education to finance and the later back to higher education.
  • We chat about the fact that even though she didn’t always know what she was working towards, she knew she wanted to help people, and she wanted to be led by things that made her happy.
  • Once back in higher education Katie found herself in a healthy work environment which created the opportunity to explore her creative side that had always existed.
  • Katie talks about how she created her own online shop through Etsy, which blended her creative spirit with her love and community, that already existed around music.
  • Favorite Note:  A reminder to use the resources and tools we already have to make our ideas and goals a reality.

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