Ep. 33: Michelle, Health & Wellness Coach, & Author

Michelle Cady of FitVista, is a former finance executive turned wellness author and highly sought after Health and Wellness Coach. Her book "Self-Care in the City" brings to life the core principles of her private coaching practice, where she teaches high achieving women around the world to reach even greater levels of success through the incorporation of wellness practices into their daily lives.

Michelle’s coaching is not only a luxurious experience, but an effective one. From CEOs to entrepreneurs, her approach and techniques have empowered the best of the best to shift out of the haze of caffeine and adrenaline rushes and into a state of pure vitality. 

She’s the lady you want by your side if you want to up-level your brainpower and performance, and finally master the one thing that’s felt like a mystery: your body.

What We Cover:

  • Michelle started her professional career in finance at Goldman Sachs and quickly realized that while she enjoyed the field of finance she was looking for a firm with a more balanced work/life approach. 
  • We talk through how Michelle treated networking like her full time job during her last year of college and looked for a company that would provide not only the balance she was looking for but also a company that provided her with the challenge and growth opportunities she sought.
  • Michelle shares with us what was happening over her last few years in the finance sector that had her exploring other career options.  
  • We chat about the importance of figuring out what you want and what’s important to you in a career before making any big leaps or jumps.
  • Michelle explained, that one thing that helped her realize her passion of wellness was more than just a hobby, was when she was talking about wellness her face lit up and she realized she had to dim that energy in the workplace because she did not light up in the same way when she was talking about finance.
  • We explore this idea of envy.  Michelle encourages us all, when that feeling of envy comes up, to ask ourselves, what are we envious of in others?  If we are envious of that individuals job, or their schedule, or their freedom, she reminds us to feel that feeling but not to let it simmer.  She pushed for the importance of letting that information resonate with you and then take action.
  • In thinking about the message she hopes her clients take away from their work together it is the idea that self-care is okay and she hopes her clients leave feeling empowered to fly.
  • We end the episode with an awesome announcement - Michelle's first book, Self Care in the City, is launching at the end of April!
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Website: http://www.fitvista.com/  

Instagram: michellefitvista


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