Ep. 32: Monica, Owner and Founder of Mack & Jane


Monica Hicks-Jenkins, in addition to being the owner and founder of Mack and Jane, is a tenacious life coach/business consultant, integrative nutritionist, and avid acoustic shower singer.

Her educational background is in biochemistry, with her first paid positions residing at NASA and for research laboratories. She transitioned to an art career, earning a MFA in Fine Art from California Institute of the Arts and exhibiting work in the US Embassy.

After a series of desk jobs and assistant work, she ultimately ended up working full time for a small consulting firm and for herself as the owner of Mack & Jane, a baking and catering company in Los Angeles.

What We Cover:

  • Growing up Monica shares with us that all she wanted to be was free, and for her, a job meant money and money, in turn, could provide her some of the freedom she sought.

  • We talk about how important it was to make her parents proud and sometimes in the early years, those voices guided her more strongly than her own voice until it just no longer worked for her as a young adult.

  • Monica shares this idea that we create the space for whatever we are trying to do, with the reminder that there’s time, there’s always time.
  • As she progressed through her professional life Monica explores her experiences with what she observed to be good leadership and bad leadership, and from there she took time to assess what she was willing to accept as an employee.
  • One big rule Monica now follows is that if you have to physically/mentally/emotionally, prepare yourself to walk into that door each day, at that job…don’t.
  • Use the resources at your disposal (e.g. jobs, time, support) to allow you to do what you want to do.
  • Monica talks about a pivotal moment in a career where she was starting to feel physically unwell at a job and she decided going forward that she needed to feel well, to do well, and to be well.
  • Final words of wisdom: Monica shares the best advice she gives her entrepreneur clients which is, don’t quit your job, and find a way to revitalize your purpose without depleting your resources.

Connect with Monica

Website: www.mackandjane.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mackandjane

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mackandjane 

Email: mackandjaneconsulting@gmail.com

Kelsie Brunick