Ep. 40: New Things Are Coming to Permission to Grow


Kelsie is the creator and host of Permission to Grow, a weekly podcast focused on women in career transition, having conversations with each other to learn how we can eliminate the ideas of who we should be and instead give ourselves permission to grow!

What We Cover:

  • New things coming up for Permission to Grow!

  • The first thing is we will be slowly rolling out new episodes on youtube, it’s not full video interviews (yet) but youtube will be another place for you to tune in to the awesome stories that people are sharing each week.  

  • The second thing we are working on, on an ongoing basis, is the website - I am not a web designer or writer by trade but I am genuinely interested in creating a website that is inviting and that provides you with ample resources and conversations in your career journey.

  • The third and final thing, which I am really excited about is we will be sprinkling in some technical episodes which are going to focus on a specific trouble spot that many of us hit throughout our career journey.

  • These technical episodes will be step by step short conversations on things like, how to push through fear/failure, negotiating a job offer, how to build a genuine network, how to to figure out your why, how to gain experience in a new field when you have no relevant experience, and how to conduct a helpful informational interview.

  • Final words of wisdom:  no story is too small, no journey is too common or trivial, your story is valuable, it is unique, and it helps others.  

Connect with Me:

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Kelsie Brunick