Ep. 35: Rachael, Social Good Strategist & the Founder of Defining: Good

Rachael Parker-Chavez, Social Impact Strategist & Founder of Defining Good

Rachael Parker-Chavez is a Social Good Strategist and the Founder of Defining: good, which exists to inspire and equip passionate people to generate positive impact through business. She helps business owners create purpose-filled brands and authentic nonprofit partnerships; working with business owners one-one-one and through digital tools and resources.

She also shares advice and encouragement as the host of ‘Good Matters,’ a video show dedicated to building businesses that make the world better. Rachael lives in LA with her husband and three furry kids, where she enjoys being outside, listening to people’s stories and using GIFs and emojis as much as possible. 

What We Cover:

  • Rachael talks about her opportunities in her early life, where she worked hard to be able to travel and learn about people and cultures around her.
  • How an early internship opened her eyes to the world of corporate responsibility and she fell in love with it.
  • During her first job she spent years truly building and creating the social impact programs for the company at a time where only a few companies were really known for their social impact (e.g. Ben and Jerry’s and/or Toms).
  • One of my biggest take aways from this episode was the idea that you don’t have to quit your job to test if an idea or hobby - you could grow and develop the hobby into a sustainable business model before actually leaving your job.

Want to learn more about Corporate Social Responsibility?

  • Corporate Social Responsibility?  Can every company be a part of the conversation?  The good news, Rachael explains that it doesn’t take a huge budget, or a ton of time, to include some piece of social good into your business. 

  • Breaking down what social impact ‘should be,’ and instead tuning into what you as a company value, was does your business strategy look like, what does your audience care about, and how you as a company want to help.

  • One hope that Rachael has is that we not make buying good things for the elite, we need to make it better and accessible for everyone, to truly move our needle on progress forward.

  • People before everyone else - humans are inherently valuable and if we start from that outlook, as you know better, do better.

  • The better your business the more good you can do in the world.

Connect with Rachael and Defining: Good

Website: www.defininggood.com 

Facebook: facebook.com/defininggood

Kelsie Brunick