Ep. 18: Sami, Middle School English Teacher & Artist

Sami Austin is a middle school English teacher and artist. She loves to walk through the pines and draw strangers in Flagstaff, AZ where she lives with her fiancé, Ari and grey cat, Pyshka.

When she is not giving thirteen-year-olds the evil eye or reading another Young Adult Fiction novel, she is usually cuddling with Pyshka or showing Ari off at Sprouts.  Message her on Instagram to get quotes on commissioned paintings, sketches, and portraits.

Catch up on her most recent article here:

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What we cover ... 

  • Everyone is born an artist and you just have to decide to keep going or not.
  • How a campus visit to an art school had her pivot away from the thought of going to college for art.
  • She shares how she spent her first year of college in a low spot, going through classes undeclared in her major, living in a dorm where she did not feel at home, and surrounded by people she did not see as her people.
  • She made a change - in one week she decided she could not remain in that low spot for another year, cancelled a lease she had signed for year two, and left campus to go to another school.
  • Mindset she learned: you have to snatch up every opportunity, figure out what you do not want to do, learn what you are interested in, and then obsessively consume the stuff you care about.
  • If you are not trying tons and tons of things you are never going to find out things you enjoy.
  • Language was the glue that stuck all of her opportunities together and she wanted to help others improve in this area through written and verbal communication.
  • A good reminder that she brought up was to pay attention to your strengths, or things that come naturally to you, and see how you can share that with others.
  • She describes how she built relationships with her professors, let people know who she was and learned about those around her, and those individuals helped her secure a mentor who continues to guide her through her profession each day.
  • Ending thought - If you can use your privileges to improve some other individuals experience that’s the most human thing you can do.
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Connect with Sami...

Instagram: @samiart

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