Ep. 20: Shauna, Advising Supervisor & Basketball Coach

Shauna Stone’s life mission is to be a resilient leader who coaches others to maximize their potential. She has had a colorful life journey which began growing up on a ranch in eastern Colorado. She attended Colorado State University, graduating with her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise & Sports Science.

While at CSU, she played for the women’s basketball team.  She still holds a place in the record book for 3 point field goal percentage. After college, Shauna worked for the city of Glenwood Spring, Colorado as a police officer. Her experiences in law enforcement taught her many life lessons, both personally and professionally. After a late night prayer asking God to teach her about faith, her journey took an interesting turn as she left the police department to work in full time sports ministry with Athletes in Action women’s basketball.

She spent the next 11 years on staff working with athletes, teaching them how to apply the bible to sport and competition. With Athletes in Action she was the ministry director for various touring teams, facilitated women’s leadership development programs, provided ideas and creativity to the book, “Irresistible Evangelism” which won the Outreach Magazine’s, “Best Church Resource” award. She co-wrote the “Victory Beyond Competition” principle that has now been published in the book, “Game Day Glory:  Life Changing Principles for Sport”.  Her time with AIA allowed her to travel all across the U.S. and to six different countries, using the platform of basketball to train and develop those impacted by sport. In 2006, Shauna left Athletes in Action to work on a master’s degree in counseling. She graduated with her Master of Arts in 2011.

She is currently working at CSU Global Campus as a supervisor in the student advising office.  In her free time, she coaches for Colorado Basketball Club, a competitive girls’ basketball program, and is the junior varsity basketball coach at Highland Ranch High School.

As Tom Hanks said in the movie Forrest Gump, “Life is life a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get”, but for Shauna that box of chocolate has been good and it has been sweet!

What We Cover

  • First lesson of goodness - if you want something bad enough, and you spend time working at it and hone your craft, success will follow. 
  • How a coach and mentor helped guide and inform her to her first career role as a law enforcement officer.
  • Shauna shares how a death of her best friend in college became a pivotal moment where she realized something was missing in her life and it became her exploration into her faith.
  • What does faith look like to you? For Shauna it’s guided her life as she learns what does it mean to show humility, to show gratitude, to go after something your passionate about, how to trust, and her faith has taught her how to live that out.
  • Shauna spent 11 years working with Athletes in Action serving as the ministry director for various touring teams, and facilitating women’s leadership development programs with her teams.
  • Another good lesson - We can learn to be okay with things coming to an end, taking what we need to learn from it, and letting that experience go.
  • What she hopes her athletes take away from their time together - Relationships matter, we are going to hold each other accountable, we do not need to put others down to build ourselves up.

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Connect with Shauna

LinkedIn: https://goo.gl/rGCwXc

Twitter: @Shauna_Stone12

Email: shauna.stone12@gmail.com


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