Ep. 42: Toni, Entrepreneur, Visibility Strategist, Speaker & Author

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Toni Purry is an award-winning entrepreneur, visibility strategist, speaker and author. With over 20 years of public relations experience, she is known for garnering high-level exposure and her unique approach to building big brand awareness. Her work has landed her clients on The Today Show, The Food Network, USA Today, LA Times, and O Magazine, to name a few.

After 10 years of runner her own agency, this PR veteran has pivoted slightly and is now applying her expertise with big brands, to helping individuals become more successful by tapping into greater confidence and expanded visibility. She says one of her greatest joys is witnessing clients acknowledge their worth by finding, building, and using their inner confidence for making bold professional and entrepreneurial moves.

Toni speaks nationally and facilitates confidence-building workshops for corporations, small companies, private groups, and business networks. She has been lauded for her proven confidence-building process which can be found her in her new book entitled, My Hype Book.

What We Cover:

  • In her early years Toni talks about her work experiences where she had a handful of bosses who really supported her, gave her the space to try things out, and she had the confidence and work ethic to make it work. 
  • As a calculated risk taker, Toni built an incredible communications agency which she ran for ten years.
  • We talk about the moment she began to realize that a lot of the passion for the business started to dissipate when she was no longer doing the creative PR work that she thrived on.
  • When she realized she no longer wanted to run her business, she was unsure what was next, and struggled with feeling that she was good at this job, but for some reason no longer loved it.
  • We have all been at that moment where we question, what's next?  Toni talks about the process she used to start figuring that out, and she started by identifying her strengths, talent, abilities and began journaling about all the great things she had accomplished. 
  • This activity led to her writing and creating her first book, “My Hype Book” with the belief that we all need to celebrate all of our wins.
  • We also touch on the importance of finding our own barometer of success, that’s created and defined by you, and then let that guide you forward. 
  • One of my favorite things we talked about is how we can let our “big hits,” or our big accomplishments, work for us in our ‘new season’ of our career wherever that takes us.

Connect with Toni:

Instagram - @MyHypeBook & @ToniPurry
Facebook - My Hype Book

Website: My Hype Book

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